Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As you know T.I is the undisputed king of the south. I think he is a very talented rapper. His lyrics flow dope on the beats. He is not only a great rapper. As a human being he understands the true meaning of the social responsibility. He is giving back to the community by donating 400 turkeys for this thanksgiving. This is great, because those who are in need can have a traditional thanksgiving holiday with turkey.

That is not the only thing T.I is giving back to the community. T.I will host a thanksgiving dinner at the Club Crucial in Atlanta. Since age of seven T.I got into hip hop. He stared to rap at a very young age. T.I signed his first deal at age of 19.

What I admire about T.I is that he is a philanthropist. I think because of the people, are artists like T.I are on top. It is great that he gives back to those people, who are in need. As we all know it is better to give than receive.


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