Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sadat X is one of the member of the the legendary hip hop group called Brand Nubian.
Sadat X was known as Derek X. The X is for the unknown factor in mathematics, which was taken by those, who are part of the Nation Of Islam. I really enjoy Sadat X' music. I think he contribute to the hip hop culture by promoting the positive way of life. Sadat X is known for his unique voice and pro-black lyrics. His lyrics are quite controversial. The content of his lyrics are plain to understand. His lyrics are is to the point. He is not scared to speak his mind over the beats.

He was inspired by the teachings of Nation of Islam. He was also inspired by groups such as X-Clan, Public Enemy and poor righteous teachers. These groups are revolutionary. They share the same idea as Sadat X and his group. In 1996 Sadat X released the solo album called 'Wild Cowboys'. It featured some great productions such as productions from Buckwild, Pete Rock, Da Beatminerz and more. In 2000 Sadat X dropped an EP, which was called 'State of New York Vs. Derek Murphy. In 2005 he dropped 'Experience and Education'. In 2006 Sadat X dropped 'Black October'.


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