Saturday, November 10, 2007

I got to share this with you all. The most grimy artist of this century is back again with another banger. The hardcore hip hop kid is going to blaze the streets with hottest tracks on his new double disk mixtape, which is called Public Enemy.
You know this rapper is known for his to the point lyrics. You do not have to expect anything subtle from him.

The first time I ever heard Cam'ron's lyrics was on a Big L. record. That was fresh. Since he came out with his debut album, the hip hop heads got real curious. At that time I was working at a record store, I was pumping Cam'ron's album. Peeps that came in was like 'Yo that album is banging'. I sold a few units right away.

Anyway this Public Enemy #1 mixtape is hot. You got to get this mixtape, like I say this mixtape is certified uncut stuff. Cam'ron keeps you up to date about the streets of Harlem. click here to get the most revolutionary mixtape of the year.


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