Friday, November 16, 2007

I have great memories about my grand father. He was very kind. As his first grandson I always felt privileged. I miss him. May he rest in peace. If he was still alive he would be 80 years old next year. I can remember he had hearing problems. I found out about this site. They sell cell phones for senior citizens. If he was still alive this would be a great gift for him for this Christmas. This company called Jitterbug.com provides senior cell phones.

This phone has some great key benefits. First of all it has a speaker this makes the sound loud and clear. It is very user friendly. The texts are very clear. 24 hours a day there are operators, who make calls for you. If you need directory assistance they are more than glad to help you. If you want to add names to your phone list, it will be done for you by the operators. It is affordable. The service starts from $10 a month. You do not have to worry about long term contracts. There are no long distance or roaming fees. If you are looking for gifts for senior citizens this is something to consider. All the minutes you do not use you can add on up till a year. If you want to make money, this is possible with this site Jitterbug.com. If you spread the word about your Jitterbug you can make money. click here to find more about it.


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