Sunday, November 25, 2007

I wrote recently that T.I donated 400 turkeys to people in need for this thanksgiving. This type of initiative is great. I think it is important for rappers to stay close to the people. Simply, because of the people these rappers are on a level they want to be on. I hope there will be more rappers, who are going to be stimulated by the rappers like T.I to become a philanthropist.

I red that Jay-Z donated a so called 'play pump' to a school in Africa. This type of donations are well appreciated by the people in Africa. Jay-Z is not only concerned about the people in Africa, but also with the people from his neighbourhood. Annually he donates Christmas gifts to the children in his neighbourhood Marcy,Brooklyn. This is what I mean by staying close to the people. I think Jay-Z can mean something for the people, because he is financially able to help.

Even though you do not have to be a wealthy person to help out the people in need. My dad for example is not a wealthy man, but he is concerned about the poor people of Sri Lanka. The great thing about him is that he started the Nederland Srilanka Peace foundation to help out the poor people of Sri Lanka. Since 1996 he have been helping out poor people of Sri Lanka with his personal funds. In 2005 he came to the conclusion that he got to expand with helping the poor people of Sri Lanka. He started the Nederland Sri Lanka peace foundation. My father donates to the poor people of Sri Lanka with spectacles, clothing, caps, food for the orphanage, uniforms for sport clubs. He can not fund this all by him self. My father write letters to people in our town. We are living in Alteveer (Dr.) Holland. The people from our neighbourhood is very compassionate about the people in developing countries. So, they help us to help. If you also want to help out the poor people of Sri Lanka, please click on the Paypal donate button. Thanks for reading.


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