Saturday, November 3, 2007

It is simple mathematics, if you want to reach a goal you got be dedicated to get you were you want. There are so many people with dreams, waiting till it all come to you. This type of people are so passive the only active thing they do is dream. I think it is important to have dreams and you actually got to put your theories into action.

This needs motivation, you got be motivated and that motivation can come from inspiration. As I see it, I am inspired by certain artists these people inspire me to reach my goals in life. I think I am inspired to be dedicated.
I wrote in a previous post that I am dreamer. I am not only dreaming, I am taking actions to make those dreams reality.

My biggest inspiration is Mahatma Ghandi, just for the fact this man fought for his ideals, his ideals were all about his people's freedom. I am inspired by Rakim, because he is the greatest rapper ever. I think if you listen to his rhymes you will be inspired to become dedicated to reach your goals. He forever trademarked the hip hop music.


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