Friday, November 23, 2007

He got some real guts, he battled a well established artist like LL Cool J. That is not a easy task to complete. I think he is really a grimy rapper. I think battling is not LL Cool J's thing. MC of Canibus caliber can challenge anybody to a battle.
For LL Cool J he is a worthy opponent. With the diss track against LL Cool J, Canibus got mega success. After the album was released people were disappointed, because of the weak beats of Wyclef Jean.

I was disappointed too. I think this type of lyrical cat must not get weak productions like this. However the productions were weak on the first album of Canibus. I thought that the lyrics were tight. Songs as I honour you was really meaningful. Check this new track of Braves feat. Canibus this joint is dope. I think it is great canibus spit tight on this track. He still shows, who is the most ferocious. I got another track, which Canibus features. click here to listen.


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