Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jadakiss, one of the Lox members. He came along way with his fellow Lox members. I think you can hear that this man is no joke. I hear very original rhymes, when ever Jadakiss drops it. In 2001 Jadakiss released the album, which was called 'Kiss the game goodbye'. I think this album has not much of that Lox styled stuff. Before Lox was Lox, the group carried the name Warlox.

I think the second album is better. It contains more dope beats than the first one. I rather listen to Lox than a whole Jadakiss album, because Lox is one of the best groups ever. Those three rappers make a completely a charismatic formation. I think it is great that they got solo projects.

Jadakiss had some beef with Beenie Siegel. Jay-Z was also involved, but he backed down from it soon after. Russell Simmons tried to create a truce between both rappers. After a while they continued the beef. Jadakiss also got beef with 50 Cent, they made several songs to diss each other. I think one of the best songs Jadakiss made is with Lox is the song 'All about the Benjamins'


Anonymous April 16, 2008 at 4:21 PM  

"All about the Benjamins" you said its the greatest,

i dunno but the beat is worst

the song is ok and rhymes in it could pass any test
but people look at the song later and listen to the beat first

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