Friday, November 30, 2007

Yes!!! One of the young Brooklyn rappers to set the mic on fire. I think this man Papoose is blazing any track he spit on. The hit single Alphabetical slaughter made a mark for ever in the hip hop scene. With a mean vocabulary this rapper Papoose is a walking dictionary. Papoose is rapping since he was eleven years old.

He is inspired by rappers such as Rakim, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane. The underground heads know him for a long period of time. The mainstream know him from the guest appearance on Busta Rhymes 'Touch it'. The most memorable line of the whole song is dropped by Papoose, which is 'I got the whole New York city in the palm of my hand'.

This rapper is involved in the charity work. This is great, because there always be some people, who will be happy with charity. He has donated to Make-A-Wish foundation. In 2006 Papoose signed a million dollar contract with Jive Records. After 19 mixtapes he is releasing his debut album in 2008. It will be entitled as 'The Nacirema Dream'. American spelled backwards.


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