Monday, November 19, 2007

The way I see it is like this. There are rappers rapping about lots of negative things. I think it is easy to be negative when a rapper is writing rhymes. I think these rappers are not inspired by the positive things. It is easy to start a beef with someone, when you are a rapper. Do you really think this stimulate the other rapper to come up with more artistically developed verses.

NO!!!!!!!!. The other rapper start to write a battle verse to attack harder. The rhymes will get more rougher, but the content is not getting hotter. Back in the days I thought that beefs in the rap game really could stimulate rappers to write better, because of the challenge.

Nowadays the beef is ending up in fist fights, gun fights and murder scenes. If these rappers think that, this is what hip hop music is about. They need to reprogramme their thoughts and go back to day one. I think some rappers are lazy, when it comes to writing something positive for the hip hop heads.


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