Thursday, November 8, 2007

I do not know why, in the past I didn't have no problem with rappers cursing. Mostly the F word is used often in rap songs. I think this word add a certain power to the sentence. I grew up in a neighbourhood, where it is pretty common to curse. In Negombo where I use to live, there was 3 times a week a fight. Mostly cursing each other out. I was pretty used to this. So I didn't bother much about the F word or any type of cursing in the rap song.

For example the intro of the Cam'ron's second album is a typical example of abusing the F word, I got to admit he is bringing it nice and he gets his point across. Now I realize it is not adding any intelectual value. Maybe I am getting older. I think that is very immature way of dealing with a conflict.

Another typical example of mutiple use of the F word in a rap song is committed by the rapper Jedi Mind Tricks. In the song called 'Heavy Metal Kings' he uses the F word often. I think this make the song flow dope to the rhythem. I prefer less cursing in a song. I can not take rappers serious if they curse so much, because it makes a childish impression. To express your feelings you have words.


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