Thursday, November 1, 2007

I am a dreamer, this started when I won the first talent show with a rap song called 'Wild Wild West'. This was the first time for me to hit the stage in 1995.
This was a great feeling. I thought this could be a beginning of a career as a rapper.
I was with a click called 'Men from The East' back then. I had to deal with a lot of sceptic cats they claimed that hip hop in Holland never can put any food on the table. What a bunch bull crap. Anyway I gave up on my dreams, becoming a professional rapper.

That is not totally true. I am still dreaming of getting back on the mic and having fun. I just want to practise and at least for two years before I get on the stage. I think my dreams can be reality. I want to hook up with a producer, I was working with few years ago. This time no crew, me, the microphone and the beat.

I am not even out to get a record deal. I want to be heard, that is why I think I got to take time to practice before I perform. I am full of ideas. I am more mature. My lyrics are pre-written freestyle. I want to write about topics, these are the idealistic rhymes with a realistic approach. I am hoping to start with practising in January 2008.


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