Sunday, November 25, 2007

I love the fact that humans are well developed. Not in all aspects, but when it comes to technology we are pretty advanced. In Germany now some people can pay at the supermarket with their finger prints. Since the technology got advanced, everything started to get portable. This is great. Telephones became portable, T.V's became portable, music players became portable, computers became portable. And also the scanners became portable.

I found this great site. It is called Scanshell-store.com. This site offers you scan solutions. The benefits of the Scanshell 3000DN makes it possible to scan the both side of the document in high image quality. This duplex scanner is able to scan to PDF.
How great is that. This product is equipped with high speed USB 2.0 standard interface and do not need any external power supply. If you want to scan business cards, plastic I.D cards it is all possible with duplex scanner. This product is light weight it is 475 grams. Scanshell 3000DN comes with bundled DocShell. There is no extra charge for this great value it makes possible to scan, share and organize photos and documents. Duplex scanner offers double side scanning convenience for desktop and mobile use. Click here to get the portable Duplex scanner brochure. The speed of the Duplex scanners is, it prints 6 black and white pages a minute. It prints 3 pages per minutes, which is in color.


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