Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As a teenager I was crazy about buying the newest Tommy Hilfiger or South Pole. Now I hardly buy brand name clothes. It seems like I was thinking rocking a certain brand name gives me status as a hip hop fan. It is true that wearing a over sized clothes were typically some thing for the hip hop fans.

I am not typically dressed like a hip hop fan. I dress once and awhile in over seized pants, but not all the time. I am not caring about the brand name clothes. I think I do not have to dress in certain brand names to feel hip hop or been recognized as a b-boy.

I am not saying, rocking brand name clothes is wrong. I am saying I can be dressed fresh and feel comfortable in no brand name clothes. I think we got to dress in clothes, where we are comfortable in. Either brand name or no brand name it is all good. Man makes the clothes, clothes do not make the man.


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