Thursday, November 29, 2007

If you live in Holland and you are a hip hop fan you can not go around this rapper called Brainpower. He is one of the cats to break the door for them young cats to rush into the industry. I saw him around 1997 in Amsterdam spitting on open mic.
He was into the underground hip hop scene of Amsterdam. Few years later Brainpower he came with hits. After that he have been hitting the charts with nothing but dope stuff for the hip hop heads.

I can say without a doubt this man is hit machine. Brainpower used to rhyme in English, for a while he only dropped Dutch raps. Now he got a new song with a rock band. The song is called 'The Chosen' this song is in English. Check the new Brainpower track.

Although I am a big fan of Dutch rap, I can not write about Dutch rappers, who are rapping in Dutch, because they are not known beyond the borders. Anyway Brainpower is International known, because he made a guest appearence on Nas' track 'One Mic' on the Godson album.


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