Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yo! kid you off track and you brag about your dope raps,
while the fiends give me soul claps, I do not want a gold plaque,
I want more stacks, more stacks of wisdom, more stacks of knowledge,
more stacks of understanding, I pray ,so I know my prayers will be answered,
to trick the system you need no weed, indeed, the I feed my Asiatic brothers
if others want I can lead you right, Bless the track with supreme mathematics,
who cares about status, You wish you had this, to free minds out the madness,'
My lines shine like a golden child, I speak ancient tongues, the amazing one,
yo I am blazing son, the brown skin Asiatic one, One!!!

If you blinded by the money, car and honeys,
you got to rewind your mind and realize greed ain't nothing funny,
Brother bleed and triggers squeezed for cheese, soldiers go to war to
bring the peace, I remain calm and grip the mic like Malcolm grips the Uzi,
my insights ignite your brain cells and I flex texts, you all do not move me,
while you poison your brothers and sling on the corner, I groove smooth on these loops B,

I am just a brave kid, speak the truth without being rude, dude,
Let me feed the fool, lead the troop, league of phaoro's,
once we used to be civilized, please.. bro open your eye's,
you are brain washed by the lies, I am not suprised
why your rhymes are artisticly underdeveloped, just be wise,
say something to uplift the kids in the mic device,
show some class and style, then you will be rich like soil
on the bank of the Nile.


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