Sunday, November 4, 2007

This rappers name is self explanatory. He is Mad Skillz, that is what it used to be. Now he goes by the Skillz. Since I heard Skillz's album 'From where' it was obvious that Missy Elliot is not the only rap artist with skills from Virginia. What I love about Sklliz music is he remain a certain underground status. This get him much respect, while gimmicky rich rappers, demand respect, but they do not deserve it, because they can not originate the true flavour what the hip hop heads want to hear.

It is obvious he got skills that is, why Skillz ghostwrite for other artists. Any artists who want a hit Skillz will write you a hit. There are artist got the budget for it, because they are signed to a major record company, these companies flash cash to make album sales. In this case Skillz is the man to approach.

In 2002 Skillz recorded the album 'I ain't mad no more'. This album was released on the underground hip hop label Rawkus. He also released a album called 'Confessions of a ghostwriter. He continues to bring the noise to the hip hop community. In 2006 he released the album called 'Mad Skillz'.


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