Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The word smith here to pitch the lines, I am
heavenly inspired the God's design, walk the planet
with the Asiatic state of mind, my task is to uplift
the dumb, def and blind, I am not one of kind,
in God's eye's no one come close to the style of my rhymes,
you childish lame cats, repeating the same facts about your gat,
whip and crack, I expose those who lacks, I rip the mic on tracks,
show love to my people and my people love me back,
I am about to show the world, where the true hip hop heads are at,
the Asiatic state of mind I shine in my raps,
peace to Rakim, the true leader matter of fact,

Strictly dope lyrics, I have to brag and boast,
the most cats, who oppose, talk behind my back,
in my face they brown nose, from head to my toes,
I stay fresh and clean, take care of the temple,
my name is MeanGreen, bite my lines, put down your nine,
you do not want no pine box, I rather eat lachs,
hit my peeps with jewels, that glean like rocks,
Soon to get stocks, no moonshine, just a coke,
I used to be broke, hanging with clowns, who
claimed to be down, you lames are wack jokes,
stay out my lane, I always been bright in my brains,
but I am no genius, because you cats are fools, you will
never get a clue of what I am up to, for now just enough dude!!!


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