Sunday, November 11, 2007

Souls of Mischiefs are one of the greatest underground hip hop acts from the west coast. This crew had the underground hip hop heads in the frenzy in the nineties. Especially the track '93 til infinity' was the anthem. They came in shocked the underground with dope beats and lyrics. Hyroglyphics, they were trademarking the west coast underground hip hop. They started very young with rhyming. I think these rappers were way head of their time. With the beats and lyrics.

Hyrogliphics influenced a lot of rappers. They were not jumping on the band wagon, while the rappers from that era was all into gangster rap. They were rapping about, that they do not have to rap to make money. They rap, because they love to make music. They are happy to get rewarded for that. The hip hop heads were appreciating the realness of this crew called 'Souls of Mischief'.

Few months ago the Souls of Mischief came to a town near where I live. I couldn't go to check them out. It is too bad I missed it. I heard they teared the roof off the joint,where they were at. It is great that they are performing and entertaining the hip hop fans even at sweat boxes. It is obvious that major rappers such as Kanye is influenced by the Souls of Mischief, Kanye West used the beat '93 til infinity' for his song '03 til infinity. I am waiting on the new stuff of Souls of Mischiefs.


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