Thursday, November 1, 2007

What are you looking for in a hip hop song? Are you looking for depth in the lyrics or just dope beats. Me personally, I am crazy about lyrics. I just love how powerful word play can be if you use it properly. I love rap songs with depth, especially if complex thoughts converted to a simple lyric. My love for wordplay started when I first heard Rakim. The line 'I can take a word that is rarely heard, flip it now it is a daily word' This is trend setting. I know there are people, who will say "so what if you flip a couple of words"

Maybe I am not seeing hip hop music just as a another entertainment source. This is more than just music. You can wake up the whole globe and let people think about their own social, economical or political situation. Rappers can change the world for better or worse. I'd rather listen to rappers, who can have a positive impact on their listeners. I use to listen to rappers, who were bragging about their crime record, but they have nothing elevating for me.

I love beats too. I feel that lyrics are totally dominating the beats. On a dope beat a rapper can say anything and get away with it. The song still can be a hit. It will get plenty of spins in the clubs and on the radio stations. I think the hip hop heads have different preferences what they are looking for in a hip hop song. I am looking for dope rhymes.


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