Tuesday, November 6, 2007

One of the true soldiers of the hip hop culture. I am talking about Talib Kweli's counterpart. They form the one of the most conscious rap group of this time. I love the beats, which Hi-Tek makes. He exactly knows which ambiance the crowd prefer. He supplies it. The beats get your mouth watering, because these beats has so much flavour.

Hi-Tek is from Cincinnati, he started producing for Mood. After signing to Rawkus he have produced for several projects, such as Sound Bombing compilations. The Sound Bombing joints are classics. I was pumping these jewels a lot in the nineties. In 2001 Hi-Tek dropped a solo album called Hi-Teknology.

Shortly after this album was released Hi-Tek left Rawkus, because he felt his solo album was not promoted properly. He signed to MCA. Hi-Tek also works as a staff producer for Aftermath. In 2006 he released a album called Hi-Teknology 2. Hi-Tek will be releasing his third album, which is called Hi-Teknology 3 in December this year. He has linked teamed up with Ghostface Killah, Reakwon, Little Brother, Kurrupt and Young Buck. This album is going to be banging.


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