Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ice-T is the one and only Original Gangster. In the nineties and the late eighties Ice-T was dominating the streets with rough Gangster Rap. He is a pioneer when it comes to gangster rap. In the mid nineties his career was climaxing. He is born in 1958 and one of the oldest rappers.

Without Ice-T there would be such thing as Gangster rap. He is a veteran. He laid the foundation for rappers such as The Game, 50 Cent and many current Gangster rappers. They heard how Ice-T was rapping about the streets of Los Angels.
After Ice-T's parents died he moved with his aunt in California. In high school he was always rapping front of his classmates. After the high school he joined the US army.
After he left the army. He was on the streets. The major tuning point in his life was that he got an car accident, this made him think deeper and made out of the street scene to focus on rapping. Ice-T never left the streets really, because he kept rapping about the streets.

In 1987 he dropped his debut album, which was called 'Rhyme pays'. This was a bonafide album, he was establishing his name in the pre historic era of gangster rap as a dominating factor. All the hip hop heads was curious, because this rapper called Ice-T was one of the few rappers, who was rapping a reflective image of the streets in his raps. Ice-T was also making the youth aware that they had a choice. Ice-T released the album, which was called 'Power' in 1988. This album went gold just like his debut album. In 1989, The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say was released. This made him a house hold name in the hip hop scene. In 1991 he released the album 'Original Gangster'. This album is one of my favourite albums. Since then he released few other albums.


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