Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I see why your why your mind is narrow,
What ever I spit rain blazing arrows,
I will be like Moses to split the sea,
to lead my peeps and free them, leading towards freedom,
there is lots to achieve, Talk is cheap,
and the walk is not sweet, The Coptic
Asiatic kid is blazing this track,
you are amazingly wack, I phrase to stack,
See God's reflection in me, I won't relax
and max, it takes action to lead,
I will realize every fraction of my dream,
It goes beyond getting cream and my name in neon lights,

I got to supply sight, grip the mic tight,
I got to stay fly and by nature I am higher than a satellite,
My people need food, clothing and shelter to start with,
follow the star from the far east, my heart speaks knowledge, wisdom
and God's peace, at least I got to drop the jewels,
it is doper than trees, my thoughts are flowing like the Nile,
Kid keeps a low profile, the versatile, this is why I shine,
like a pharaoh, the Asiatic child.


Anonymous November 29, 2007 at 4:12 AM  

hey cool lyric i added it to cybertunes.blogspot.com ill be adding more lyrics soon so check back Toya

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