Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I would like to share with you this UK based travel company called DIALAFLIGHT.COM this offers flights to New York since I am crazy about New York. Just for the fact that it is the official birthplace of hip hop. I want to visit New York city in the future. I want to experience the real New york vibe. I want to eat a real New York hot dog and go out dine at a typical New York restaurants. So I am glad that I found this site called DialAflight which offers flights to New York.

DialAflight also offers holiday offers. The rates which dialAflight offers are impressive. You can book flights to JFK , or you can book your flight to Newark. I would like to visit New York in the holiday season. Then I would like to do some Christmas shopping. I would like to shop in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. The thing about New York is that it is enormous, with a extra ordinary amount of cultures. This attracts me.

So if you have plans to visit the big apple just like me I suggest that you should consider booking with DialAflight when you contact them through the telephone they will provide you all information you need about flights to New York, hotels in New York and car hire.I can tell you that dialAflight is the place to be for your holiday in New York.


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