Saturday, August 11, 2007

I can not agree with my parents about the new ideas I got. I am thinking to study and work parttime. My parents think it is better for me to not try to lift too much weight, because they think studying and working parttime can expose me to too much stress. I can not argee with this I think a higher education do not need to be that heavy. When you work systematicly and plan your assignments well this can be pretty easy for a motivated ambitious hip hop head just like me, because I stand for knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

I am constantly looking for new challenges, this means that I get to find out about new things. I innovate this way my capabilaties and my restrictions. I blame my parents for not being open mined about new challenges, I have this feeling they are trying to protect me from the risks I am taking. At this moment I have a job with a 1 year contract, they think that provides me secure financial state.

So, I made my opinion clear by using Edison as a example, who innovated the light bulb, if this man would have thought we got candle light to provide us light at night then...... you figure the rest. I not saying that I am going to find out the next best thing. I am going to explore the horizon. I know God will guide me on this journey.


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