Friday, August 10, 2007

Stop it, All that bragging about your guns
and girls, I represent knowledge, My mind
designed to shine like a pearl, In my world,
there is a big differance between real and the,
fake, I get cake online and off line,
I take the whole weight, heads dig my rhymes,
like a gold mine, the mind raised in Asia,
phrasing the blazing flavours, live and major,
Wisdom my pen inks, I put it down faster than you blink,
blast fast a tight rap before you can think,
My plans work out like overweight people in a gym,

Blessed with understanding, being a MC is demanding,
Check out the man and his plans, advanced, the crowed,
is entranced, I suggest you dance, the wordsmith
you heard this, I think you deserve to be
uplifted, like Krs-one I take you level higher,
Keep you in tune like a choire, your mind is thirsting,
for knowledge, I feed you and lead you like the cafeteria
in college, I polish my teeth, yes indeed I need to look fresh,
no stress, more blessed strive harder than the rest,
you are nodding, ain't no telling, why I am no fellon,
the iron lion from ceylon, blessed by the God of Zion,



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