Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kool G Rap is born as Nathaniel Wilson. He is known as one of the famous gangsta rappers from New York. In 1986 he started working with DJ Polo. Most famous hit singles Kool G Rap released is 'Streets of New York' and ' road to riches'. MTV showed him lots of love by spinning his track frequently.

Kool G Rap posses the great ability to paint a picture about the hard knock life.
Kool G Rap started with a crew called Juice Crew. He gained some commercial success, although he kept it real. He kept dropping hardcore raps. Kool G Rap is born in 1968.
He has been rapping for over 2 decades.

Kool G rap is coming out with a new album called 'Half a Klip' this is going to be banging. On 25 of September he is going to launch his new album. DJ Premier is going to produce some of the tracks. This is going to be more mafioso than Anthony Montana.


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