Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yo! I am the soul controler, the soulful vocals,
soon to global, I 'll be nobel, bringing
tight verbal, I rule the circle with another words
the cypher, I am hyper than the average mc with a deal,
what the deal, I rule with tools such as knowledge, wisdom
and understanding, I feed the fool, it is demanding,
I drop supreme mathmatics, Yo the hip hop fanatic,
I at it, to bring the ruckus, I got the status,
you wish you had this, I avoid all the madness,

I rule with tools, check out the hip hop fanatic,
I school the fool, I make moves on grooves,
too smooth on loops, I wreck your troops

The underground lyricist, in the mist, I exist,
check this rhyme out, Ain't no denying, I am from Zion,
Or should I say Ceylon is the garden of Eden, I am not lying,
My brothers are dying, I am the iron lion,
I am not buying, the weak raps you supplying,
I represent the true hip hop culture, I know my roots,
I present you the meangreen, that is me, stepping in my Tim boots,
Meangreen stands for online loot So make sure you salute, the rap gereral, the low pro,
professional, you should know my style, I keep my rap tight pal,
do not bite, I might react and attack with stack of rhymes,
I give sight, to the blind, guide you online and offline


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