Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yo peep this rhyme,flow like wine,
do not compete with mine, This goes out,
to you and yours, I show you what these words,
are for, you never heard this before,
I get in your system with words of wisdom,
wake up and put down your blunt and your gun,
Let do this rap stuff for fun, I do not run,
my mouth with faul words,my style hurts,because
it is the truth, I am versatile I tell the truth,
I am not rude I tell the truth, bust a dope rhyme
punchlines created to entertain your mind,
unwind like a wine and dine session,stop stressing
read my facial impression, do not be guessing,
learn my rhyme like a lession,

Is it worth you life,busting raps about selling crack,
I think you lack the proper state of a mind
to shine on the mic,my lines are designed to be like,
the ocean, peep my poem in motion,popping lyrics
Words of wisdom I am boasting, coast to coast,
I am hosting this blog,I chose this spot on blogspot,
Getting props, you think not? I ink this,before you can blink,
b-boys and fly girls link, non-believers sink deeper than the abyss,
I spread the word, break bread,while you hit herb,
instead, I practise activly to rap off my dome,
I don't need a crown, I am brownskin Asiatic kid
with extra flavours,I check the mic with texts,
I am out for paper,the major lyrical,inspire
you and take you higher,


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About This Blog

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