Thursday, August 9, 2007

In the last posts I have mostly been talking about rappers. I can not forget the producers, because rappers and producers can not exist without one and another.
There are plenty of forums for MCees. If you as a producer want to get the word out about your skills then this is the best place. Go to ROC BATTLE and check out all the features this site has to offer.

One of the things this site has to offer is the possibilaty to battle other producers. So if you think you can move any crowd with your beats. You can try to beat other producers with your beats. This site offers a producer forum, you can find out anything about producing. Okay..... this is not only for producers. If you are a rapper looking for beats you can buy this at ROC BATTLE

If rappers can buy you beats then there must be a producer who want to sell it and on the site you can sell your beats. This site is hosted by Rockwilder him self.
I got to say this is too good to be true, if you are a indie rapper this is your chance to get your official Rockwilder beats, he is selling beats starting at $10. Enough blah....blah....blah. Check it out for your self. Please leave a comment.


Paycheck loan June 16, 2008 at 5:35 AM  

The one thing I have a grave dislike for is the constant sampling. A bit here and there is ok, but it makes me wonder if there's any originality left. I think hip hop needs more innovative artists, and hopefully there are some out there still waiting to be discovered.

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