Sunday, August 5, 2007

For many years I have been a lost sheep. That is how it was. Actually since 2005 I am found, since then I came back home to live with my parents. I have been living on the streets and getting into trouble and actually wasting my time. Now I realize that I did not have any sense of reality. Back in the days I was so sure of my self that I am going to be a rapper. I was rapping.
That was nothing promising, because I lacked the right mindset to get the things done.

Now I realize you are not getting anywhere without a right education. I am more mature that I want to work and study. This is my new challenge. This time I would not dissapoint my self.
I am going to get a degree and a good job. I love working, I am glad that I got a job now.
I got a lot of things on my mind, the plans are great. I have been checking out for job oppertunities. There are high paying jobs in the field I want to study.


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