Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Every time I rhyme, I got a lot of lines on my mind,
You might seek along, I am hard to find, I guide you,
dumb, deaf and blind souls, my rhymes are waterfalls,
I help you to reach your goals, It is mine the rhymes you stole,
you might ball all night, I keep my raps so tight, flow off the dome,
all right, I ignite you state of mind like a light,
come join the hip hop's enlighten ones,
the sons of Abraham, the brown skin Asiatic, firm I stand,
Not burning plants, advanced plans, not selling grams,
Rip the mic with my bare hands , call me Sam,
I am a big Rakim fan, You know what I mean, man?

I am Meangreen man, I am out make green man,
not selling out with busting my gun raps, not selling
crack on tracks, I think you lack self esteem,
that is why you are self destructive, I rock hits,
show you some positive attitude, I told you stop it,
I am strictly out get props, and money online,
if you got some time check out this site
It will give you ideas bright as light, how to
get money online all right.
So forget about wild,wild,west gun fights,
get on your computer, I will teach you,
this rhyme suit you, get your mind right,
this is the way to get loot dude.


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