Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I am speaking out of experience. I had the biggest dreams becoming a professional rapper. I was practicing hard with my crew. We lacked the vision. There were many factors that we could not manage. First of all we were so into the hip hop scene we all forgot about the real world where ordinary people worked and lived.

I could not manage my studies. I thought at that time a education is not important.
I think some rappers can not propel, because they are focused on one thing. That is rapping, you should not forget to focus on providing for your self.

You might be a very talented rapper if you can not manage to provide for your self
are going to end up being broke, that is not the situation you want to be in. You got to focus on two things that is making sure you got a source of income then you can focus on getting a record deal. Then you can not fail.


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