Monday, August 13, 2007

Nas is one of my favourite artist of all time. First I heard of him in 1994 when he came out with his debut album. I was experiencing a whole new level of rapping. He instantly took the art of MCing very serious. I was impressed by his skills.

The beats were tightly produced. DJ Premier was mostly responsible for the beats.
After Nas dropped Illmatic I was really curious how his next album will be. when his second album came out I was convinced this man is going to be a huge in the hip hop scene and even beyond. The second album had some great songs with guest rappers such as Cormega, Prodigy and many more.

At the time Nas dropped his third album you could hear that grew with his fans. He knew how to appeal to the hip hop community. Most hip hop fans recognized that this rapper is going to be a legend. His lyrics were packed with revolutionary ideas how rappers should stand on his own 2 feet instead of selling out. His following albums were all classics. If any one who has not 'Illmatic' album in his collection should go get it, because this is the greatest album which Nas dropped.


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