Sunday, August 19, 2007

As the hip hop culture spreads world wide like the web.There should be rappers who are coming from else where than USA. It is obvious the most successful and skilled rappers are coming USA. There are enough rappers who got skills, but they can not shine, because they can not get much exposure as US rappers.

There are lots of rappers from USA who are nice, but I think the most influential and nicest rappers are coming from New York. I prefer the New York sound, because they are so deep rooted in the hip hop culture. This is because, hip hop was born in New York. Recently Bronx, New York got claimed as the officially birth place of hip hop.

I think New York will continue to represent the hip hop culture as it supposed to be.
The graffiti art is so visible in New York. The most famous breakers are coming from New York. The best DJs are from New York. This is my personal opinion.


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