Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I heard a song I don't remember the artist's name. The song contained a line which went like this 'B!@#%s, Bling and cars are never been the elements of hip hop.
This is so true. The world got to know that there is still a community of hip hop heads, who prefer something Else than mainstream rap music.

So here are the 4 elements of hip hop:

1] MCing : Master of the ceremony or better known as rapping. This way the rapper
rhymes to the beats of the DJ.

2] DJing : The disc jockey spins records/beats so that the MC can drop his raps on the beats.

3] Grafitti : Spray can art, the frustrated hip hop heads express they talents by rebelling against the government.

4] Break dance : The breakers dancing to the songs of the DJ and the MC.

All of these elements form the hip hop culture. Now hip hop music is not only a music genre, but a life style. As Krs-One said hip hop is not something you do, but something you live. The hip hop culture has a lot to offer for everybody who are looking for expressive thoughts of the artist.


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