Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The first rap tape I ever listend is a tape of Ice-T. That way I got hooked to hip hop music. After getting in touch with Ice-t's music. I got to know music of Public Enemy. Then came Ice Cube with solo stuff after splitting up with N.W.A. There was a enormous hype going on around rap music. Till today you can hear the influence they bought to the hip hop scene.

I never restricted my self to only listening to gangsts rap. I soon got in touch music of A Tribe Called Quest. This way I got to know various streams of rap music.
The Native Toungue Movement was promoting more social awareness and mostly they were rapping about having fun.

How ever gangsta rap got more commercial and got the global recognition. Even rap music is so famous, some people think that hip hop is about guns, money and drugs.
There is only a minority of hip hop fans who listen to rap music in its authenic form.


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