Monday, May 21, 2007

Yo you know how it go bro, although you ain't heard this flow before,
rougher then sea, you even feel it when you standing off shore,
You ain't half as raw, you couldn't get a bit of this ,even you ask for more,
like busta, I never trust a , friend or foe, you don't know what the mic is for,

I 'll show you, I brag and boast, I am the host, I pack off the dome shit like toast,
You bring the cow meat, check This little pig you are roast,
This ain't no fashion show, so forget about what pose and oppose you are ghost,
I bet you are lost like the most mc's trying to brown nose,

Peace out to ill heads, who is staying drug free,
this rhyme is free, I won't charge you a fee,
I should get a degree, don't you agree,
I got my old habit back, I am not flowing for stacks
I stack dough, but not with raps though,
I say peace for now, I'll be back yo!!!!


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