Sunday, May 20, 2007

At a BET nominee press conference 50 told the press, that he does not have hard time dealing with banning the N word B^%$c, ho. He also say that hip hop is the reflection of the harsh realities of urban America. He is saying that if some one would ask you to describe the American flag, how can you avoid the color red. He means that in this community you can not go around N#$$%A, B$%%^C, ho.

T.I is saying that parents got to take the responsibilaty to raise their kids instead of the parents are outsourcing the job to rapper and athletes. So parents raise you children and rappers are here not to raise your kids. He is saying there are N!#$%S, B!#$%S, Ho's in this society. Rappers have the right to talk about them. So don't blame hip hop. blame your self he says.


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