Few of the griemiest rappers

Saturday, August 2, 2008

When I think about the word grimy, I think about the tone of a rappers voices and the lyrical content. I think when it comes to grimy the rap group 'Onyx' is the best example. They are nutting but grimy. Real hardcore rappers from south side Queens. I have been fan of them since their debut album. The songs have street credibility and it is nutting but grimy. The song 'move back' is hit I can remember even a broader audience is open for this kind of hip hop. The song 'slam' is another good example how they move the crowd with top notch hip hop. The joint 'the worse' is really a good collabo with nicest rappers in the hip hop scene.

Also DMX is also one of the grimiest rappers. This rapper from Yonkers has to deliver a message to the audience what the streets are about. His voice sounds grimy and so does the lyrics. Only thing I can not stand is the fact that he call him self a dog. Since his debut album he has gained much attention and he is multi platinum recording artist. Songs such as 'what is my name' are real classics. The line 'I lost my mind, you about to lose yours too' is a memorable line.


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